Farm Units

Mid Sussex

The Farm

The farm is typical of many found throughout the Low Weald of Sussex, characterised by a mixture of pasture, arable crops and woodland all divided by thick hawthorn and blackthorn hedges.

The pasture consists of either permanent native grasses or improved rye grass leys, both of which are used for forage production and for the summer grazing of cattle and the winter grazing of sheep.

A variety of crops are grown on the arable areas of the farm, including wheat, oats and barley. Forage maize is often grown as a break crop.

The varied land use across the farm supports a wide range of wildlife, with over 60 species of birds recorded to date including Nightjars, Yellowhammers, Lapwings and Skylarks – all of which we try and help through our participation in agri-environment schemes and our own land management practices.

Our current projects include the re-introduction of tufty grass and flower mixtures along field and track edges and the restoration of small ponds and wet areas to try and encourage an increase in the insect population.